Wild Goose 100 Hour Forms & Meditation Course

This package is a great way to begin your journey into the amazing Wild Goose system. The package covers the forms and meditations that are the literal heart of Wild Goose. It is also a great beginning program for anyone wanting to go deeper into the Chinese concepts of health and fitness.

The package includes -
 - Wild Goose System – Volume I (1st & 2nd 64 forms) - Book
 - Wild Goose System – Volume II (Meridian Patting & Meditations) - Book
 - 1st 64 Action Form - DVD
 - 2nd 64 Action Form - DVD
 - Meridian Patting Form - DVD
 - Dayan Arts® Patch
 - Training Log Book




This entire package is only $130 and includes everything you need to get started with Wild Goose. For more information or to order from Dayan Arts®, please call Shane Lear directly at (419) 692-7717 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Wild Goose Books & Videos

All of the books and videos in the table below can be purchased directly from Amazon - just click on the item for a direct link.

Books   DVDs   
 BookCover WildGooseVolumeI   DVDCover 1st64Form   DVDCover 2nd64Form DVDCover QiEngagementSeminar   

Wild Goose System - Volume I
1st & 2nd 64 Forms

  1st 64 Form 2nd 64 Form Wild Goose
Qi Engagement Seminar
BookCover WildGooseVolumeII     DVDCover MeridianPattingForm      
Wild Goose System - Volume II
Meditation & Meridian Patting
  Meridian Patting Form      
BookCover WildGooseVolumeIII     DVDCover DayanPalmForm  DVDCover 5AnimalsSeminar DVDCover EnergyTransferSeminar  DVDCover EnergyOpeningsSeminar 
Wild Goose System - Volume III
Martial Methods & Dayan Palm
  Dayan Palm Form Wild Goose 5-Animals Seminar Wild Goose
Energy Transfer Seminar
Wild Goose
Energy Openings Seminar
BookCover WildGooseVolumeIV    DVDCover KidneyStrengtheningForm   DVDCover HealingHandsISeminar DVDCover HealingHandsIISeminar   
Wild Goose System - Volume IV
Healing Methods
  Kidney Strengthening Form Healing Hands Seminar
Part I
 Healing Hands Seminar
Part II (LoShu Square)


Additional Books and Videos available from Amazon

 BookCover LiveLikeABlackBelt BookCover APathToBlackBelt   BookCover TheEightPiecesOfBrocade BookCover TheArtOfLongevity   BookCover BalancedBodyBalancedLife
     DVDCover EightPiecesOfBrocade  DVDCover TaiChiHunYuan